CD and DVD Manufacturing

CD and DVD Manufacturing

What is replication, how the disc is made and why it is good for large orders.

Yes, the more discs that are ordered the lower your price

Yes, all we need is the artwork (can be emailed or put on an FTP Site) and the Master content (sent as a disc or portable drive flash or external).

We don't recommend to put any seal on media, no matter thickness or size, otherwise it could cause some deflection or vibration while writing/reading. It might cause writing and playback problem.

Yes, we are a company comprised of media experts. We have Engineering, Multimedia, and Graphics expertise at your service.

We offer fast turnaround and can speed up the process as needed -- because we do everything under our own roof!

When data read cannot be loaded into the write-in buffer in time, it will result in a buffer under-run. That is why new technologies such as Burn-proof or Just-link need to be applied to new and higher speed writers. If the writer does not support such functions, users can try to lower the writing speed or copy the data on the source CD to the HDD.

It is a material similar to that of CD-R media. DVD stands for Digital Versatile/Video Disc, DVDR stands for DVD Recordable and DVDRW for DVD ReWriteable. If you're familiar with regular audio/music CDs, then you will know what a DVD looks like. A single layer (DVD-5) DVD stores up to 2 hours of very good quality DVD-Video, including several audio tracks in formats like stereo, Dolby Digital or DTS and also advanced menu systems, subtitles and still pictures that can be played by standalone... Read more

Media Disc Duplication Outline

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