How it Works

3 Easy Steps

Drop off or send in

Drop off or send in

our send in order is simple and easy, prepare your order following our online instructions
tell us what you have, place your order online, we will provide you with a barcoded instruction sheet with the mailing instruction, just package and ship
Nordex Digitixe and Convert
We Return originals plus the dvd copies

We return original plus the DVD copies

In 5-7 days, your order will be ready to pick up or we can ship back to your address. enjoy your new DVDs, spread the joy, share with friends and family.

Why Choose Nordex

Nordex Trust
A Company You Can Trust
23-Years in-business, we offer superior customer service experience and best business practices to ensure that your project is completed smoothly.
Nordex in-house Production
In-House Production
We work behind the scenes to ensure you stay up to date with the order progress and that you always stay on schedule. Every item that is digitized is extensively tested and inspected to ensure optimum quality.
Nordex - Made in USA
Made in USA
High capacity ISO 9002 compliant state of the art production facility in Camarillo, California
Nordex Competitive Pricing
Competitive Price Guarantee
It's our goal to provide our customers with the lowest possible price, our prices are 15-20 % lower than leading market makers.
Nordex Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with any of our services, we love hearing your feedback and we promise we will make it right guaranteed
Nordex Anti-Piracy
Anti-piracy & IPR Protection
Nordex is committed to compliance with the current copyright laws and intellectual property policy, we believe that content owners have the right to protect their property from theft.

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