USB Packaging

Premium quality USB packaging

At Nordex, we offer a large selection of usb packaging. Choose from a premium gift box that comes in a variety of colors, to a custom made plastic box that can hold different shapes of USB drives. Packaging your USB will add give it the premium quality look and feel it needs to promote your brand.

Tin Box

Model: PAK-TB-A Big Tin Box With Window
Model: PAK-TB-B Small Tin Box With Window
Model: PAK-TB-C Small Round Box
Model: PAK-TB-D Big Round Box
Model: PAK-TB-E Small Tin Box With No Window
Model: PAK-TB-F Big Tin Box With No Window
Model: PAK-TB-G Big Tin Box with Wide Window
Model: PAK-TB-H Small Tin Box with Wide Window
Model: PAK-TB-I Big Black Box
Model: PAK-TB-J Pen Tin Box

Plastic Box

Model: PAK-PB-A USB Swivel Plastic Box
Model: PAK-PB-B USB Credit Card Plastic Box
Model: PAK-PB-C USB Pen Plastic Box
Model: PAK-PB-D Wristband USB Plastic Box

Paper Box

Model: PAK-UB-A USB White Paper Box A
Model: PAK-UB-B USB White Paper Box B
Model: PAK-UB-C USB White Paper Box C
Model: PAK-UB-D USB White Paper Box D
Model: PAK-UB-E USB White Paper Box E
Model: PAK-UB-F USB Paper Box with Window
Model: PAK-UB-G Recycled Paper USB Box

Wooden Box

Model: PAK-WB-A USB Wooden Box A
Model: PAK-WB-B USB Wooden Box B
Model: PAK-WB-C USB Wooden Box C
Model: PAK-WB-D USB Wooden Box D
Model: PAK-WB-E USB Wooden Box E

Gift Box

Model: PAK-GB-A USB Gift Box A
Model: PAK-GB-B USB Gift Box B
Model: PAK-GB-C USB Gift Box C
Model: PAK-VP USB Velvet Puch Bag