USB Data Services

Premium data services for your custom USB drive

Custom USB Data Services

Data Preloading

We can have you data preloaded to make sure your USB drive is available for immediate use after delivery

Multi Partition

Take control over your USB by dividing it to multiple partitions and locking specific partitions if necessary

Password Protection

Protect your USB contents by password encrypting the data to ensure only those who have the password can access it

Data Integrity

We implement an extremely detailed operating procedure that ensures your USB data is identical to that delivered

Data Locking

We can lock your USB drive and make it unwritable to ensure that your data stays unchanged forever

File Autorun

We can setup the USB drive to autorun a specific file to ensure your content is executed the way you want

USB Drive Icon

Setup your USB drive to have your logo or artwork displayed as an icon when it is plugged into a computer

Volume Label

Personalize your custom USB drive with an assigned name that appears when it is plugged into a computer

Compatibility Assurance

Custom USB Operating System Comatibility Assurance
USB Data Services

USB Duplication Service