Partners & Affiliates

How It Works?

Once you have joined up, you'll be given a choice of banners or text link. This will allow you to link to us through a special link that will enable our tracker to trace visitors referred from your site. If one of these visitors buy's a product then you'll earn 6% of the sale. Further more that visitor can leave our site, then come back a month later and purchase and you'll still get the commission! Plus now you can earn a bonus commission so that you get a % bonus on your earning above set levels

  • Bonus 20% on commission over $1800
  • Bonus 40% on commission over $3000
  • Bonus 60% on commission over $5400
  • Bonus 80% on commission over $7200
Also you will be paid 1 cent for every unique visitor who clicks your link
If you need any help you can call: 805.389.7888.

Why Choose Us?

You can look around. You'll find we offer one of the highest commission rates on the net.

About Payouts

Payment will be made monthly. Payouts are for $50 minimum; if $50 has not been accumulated then the accumulated amount will be added to the next monthly payout, and so on. If an order referred by you is later found fraudulent then the appropriate commissions will be deducted from you account. For details of payment rates visit the section 'How it Works’.