Video Authoring

Overloaded with work? Consider Nordex's video authoring team a valuable resource for outsourcing all your media content authoring, and you'll appreciate how we work transparently behind-the-scenes to ensure you stay on schedule.

Nordex's content authoring team is equipped with the latest modern software applications that will help in creating professional looking videos and produce high quality HD and standard definition movies, with personalized menus, titles, music and effects.

Full Video Format Support
We Capture and encode all the popular DV/AVI, MPEG or analog formats, WMV and MICOMV

  • Multiple subtitles
    Up to 32 subtitle tracks for alternate languages, instructions and messaging
  • Multiple audio tracks with support of Dolby © Digital AC-3
  • Region coding
    Restrict an area of the world in which they can play your DVD
  • Bring your still photos to life
    Animate your photos with close-ups or motion pan-and-zoom features
  • Advanced Slideshows
    Utilizing your digital images, we add titles, audio and with over 100 video transition, we create a dynamic slideshow
  • Set Loop points “great for tradeshows demos”
    We set a motion menu to loop at your specific point, so you do not have to watch the same opening transition over and over again
  • Widescreen 16:9 Support
  • Share on YouTube ™ or archive with style on DVD or Blu-ray Disc

Choose one of our video authoring packages:

  • Professional DVD encoding$49
    Up to 60 minutes of video encoding and includes the DVD mastering
  • Professional Blu-ray encoding$99
    Up to 60 minutes of video encoding and includes the Blu-ray mastering
  • Basic DVD Authoring$99.00
    Professional main DVD menu, DVD encoding up to 60 minutes and up to 2 chapter points, includes DVD mastering
  • Deluxe DVD Authoring$495
    Personalized 30 second motion main DVD menu, DVD encoding up to 120 minutes, one static sub menu and up to 10 chapter points